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How to *disable* backup job Success notifications?

Created: 19 Jan 2013 • Updated: 21 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

Having looked at some previous posts with the same title as this one (here and here), I had still not solved my problem of turning of the "Job Success" notifications. So, after some poking around on BUEXEC 2010 R3, I finally figured out how to stop the success messages once and for all.

The key to this problem of getting unwanted "Job Success" email notifications is that there are at least 3 ways the BUEXEC server can notify you for Job Success:

1.) In the Job Setup Section - "Job Setup" > Edit the Job Properties > Notification. If there is checkmark for the recipient here - you will get the emails. (example pic below)

2.) Alert Categories - Tools > Alert Categories > Edit an alert category (e.g. Job Success). If there is a checkmark for "send notifications to the selected recipients" - the recipients will get the emails. (example pic below)

3.) In the selection list - Edit > Manage Selection Lists > Edit the selection list for your job > Selection List Notification. If there is checkmark for the recipient here - you will get the emails. (example pic below)

So, if you're getting unwanted "Job Success" messages, be sure to configure 1-3 above to turn them off. If your situation was like mine - the issue was in #3.

And here's the tricky part: If you create a new job, with a new selection list, and set the Notification section to enable notification to a person - it will automatically setup that newly created selection list to notify you - even when it is used with another job. So if you create another job and use that same selection list that has notifications enabled, even if you uncheck notification for that new job - you will still get the notifcations by way of the selection list having the notification enabled.

Hope this helps somebody.


Shannon VanWagner | humans-enabled

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I had already worked all three of those solutions, but the danged "selection list notification" recipient keeps getting checked after I uncheck, hit submit, and then close the GUI.

Any #4 I might check?

BWB8771's picture

NEVERMIND!  I didn't "RTFM" #3 closely enough.

THANK you for posting all this!