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How to disable multiple Software Update Policies through the database for PM 7.1 SP1.x.

Created: 19 Apr 2013 • Updated: 22 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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To disable multiple Software Update Policies via the database for PM 7.1 SP1.x; run the following SQL scripts against the Symantec_CMDB database: 

--First: Run the following to list the Software Update Policy with their respective 'Guid'

Select i.Name, i.Guid from vitem i

Join ItemActive ia on ia.Guid = i.Guid

where i.ClassGuid ='49FE4304-E09D-4382-9026-715868FFB856'

--Second: Run the following with the noted Guid to set status 'disabled' for the Software Update Policy:

Update ItemActive

set Enabled = '0'


--IF multiple policy Guids need to be executed at once:

Update ItemActive

set Enabled = '0'

where Guid in ('INSERT 'Guid' FROM FIRST SCRIPT RESULTS HERE', '2nd Guid HERE', 'AND 3rd Guid HERE')

CAUTION: Ensure there is a current backup of the database in place before running and SQL script that will alter the product in this manner.

Note: The Console GUI may not display this status right away due to the database being altered; refresh the Console page on the browser to confirm disabled status.

Also view KM: TECH40390  for other helpful tools.

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kambhampati's picture

SYMANTEC SERVICE DESK 7.5 MP1 is showing trail version in my SIM

the remaining products are 780 days validity only this one is showing expires why is it so ..please find me some solution TIA..