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How to Disable SEP V11 firewall during printer installation

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 12 comments

I'm trying to install a network connected printer, HP Color LJ 2830-2840. The install program running from CD says I need to disable the firewall in order to complete install.  It references Symantec Settings Manager, Symantec Event Manager and Sygate Security Agent. How do I disable the SEP client in order to install printer?

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open services.msc

stop Symantec Settings Manager

Symantec Event Manager

and sygate security services.

install the pritner and enable those again.

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Right click the SEP icon in the task tray and select "Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection"

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Well, neither of these above actions worked.   What services correspond to sygate security services?  This is the firewall, but can only find Symantec Settings Manager and Symantec Event Manager.

Tried "Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection" first but still get the message from the installer.

Attached are the services that are running re: SEP

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Check this firewall showing in your system tray

Sygate Personal Firewall

In the bottom right corner of the system tray you will see the icon showing up/down arrows for your Sygate Firewall.

    * Right-click on that-> Choose "Exit Firewall".

    * A message will pop up to notify you about disabling the protection. Select "Yes."

    * The icon in the system tray will now disappear to indicate that you have successfully disabled the Sygate Personal Firewall Guard

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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That's what's weird as there is no Sygate Firewall that I can see, only Symantec SEP v1  running. There's no icon in the Systray for Sygate.

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First you can uninstall sep client and install printer driver..

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Is the printer install not working? Have you tried it? Or will it not let you proceed until fw is disabled?

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You can try with stop the symantec services and then try to install printer driver.

I hope it will be work.

Thank& Regards,


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Well, guys, NONE of your solutiones worked....  

I tried running the install in Safe mode with networking and that just hangs.

Ashish, uninstalling SEP is NOT, repeat NOT a solution. Symantec should have a real solution to this problem. I would only do this as a last resort. Symantec's SEP should have a mechanism to allow ALL legitimate S/W to be installed. 

 In my initial post I referenced the Sygate Security Agent. From what I've dug into, Symantec's SMC.exe is the firewall client. Is this correct???

Are any people in these communities reps from Symantec???   Thanks for your input, but I also need to get with HP to resolve their issue with the printer install..

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What Version of SEP 11.x are you running??

Check this Article:

HP Printer software installation halts, indicating a firewall is blocking access to a network printer.

It states as below:

For SEP 12.1 Tamper protection should be disabled at first :

- In SEPM / Clients select the group where the client located and select policies tab

- On General Settings untick ( disable) Tamper Protection

- On Clients tab right click on the group and select Run command on Group and then Update content.

Note: If on the client tab policies are inheritanded then disabling Tamper protection have to be done on top Level ( e.g. My Company)

  1. Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection and SMC services
    1. Start > Run > smc -stop
    2. Start > Run > services.msc
    3. Right-click "Symantec Endpoint Protection" and select Stop
  2. Have the installation software scan for the printer again
  3. Re-enable Symantec Endpoint Protection and SMC services after the installation finishes
    1. In the Services MMC, right-click "Symantec Endpoint Protection" and select Start
    2. In the Services MMC, right-click "Symantec Management Client" and select Start

References: The following is the HP printer installation guide:

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Associate Security Architect


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We're running SEP 11.0.6300    Will give these steps a try this weekend.   Thanks