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How to disable WDE in PGP Desktop 10.1

Created: 24 Mar 2011 | 3 comments


I want to install PGP Desktop 10.1 with Netshare and WDE.
And then i need to disable WDE at some computers, so i can easily activate it later if a user needs this feature.

How can i get this? Is there any commandline option like "--set-driver disabled" ?

Thanks for help!


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I think this Knowledge Base Article will help.

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I know this KB article. With this MSI switch i don't install the WDE feature, but i want to install it and then disable it.

Maybe there is a .dll to unregister or a driver which can be disabled?

background knowledge:
In our company we want to deploy the software with our software-deployment-tool "WinInstall".
The users need Netshare and WDE and at some computers i have to disable the WDE feature.


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Are you installing this in a managed (i.e., with Universal Server) environment or unmanaged?

If in a managed environment, you can create a policy group with the whole disk encryption feature disabled. This will make those portions of the UI in PGP Desktop be hidden.

To enable WDE for these users - simply move them back to the policy group with the feature enabled.

Unmanaged is more difficult. The most obvious way would be to do it via licenses.