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How to discover,Monitor and protect the Data

Created: 27 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Hi All,

1.How we Discover Wher is your confidental data

2.How to Monitor How is it being used and who is the user

3.How to Protect How best to prevent its loss

can any one give the solution for this

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1. Do you have Symantec DLP?

2.  Is it installed?

If you answered yes to the two questions above I would reach out to your symantec sales representative to help you answer these questions as they pertain to your environment.  

Discover - scans your network (windows file shares for example) for confidential data that is specified in a policy

Monitor - monitors confidential data or whatever data you specify in a policy

Protect - monitors, blocks, notifies whenever confidential data is being removed from your environment.  

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please go through the admin guide, which should be helpful in understanding the working of DLP.

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Hi Mohan,

There are some componenets performs the task about which you are asking.

Find confidential data wherever it is stored, create an inventory of sensitive data, and
automatically manage data cleanup.
Understand how confidential data is being used—whether the user is on or off the
corporate network—to gain enterprise visibility.
Automatically enforce security policies to proactively secure data and prevent confidential
data from leaving the organization.
Define unified policy across the enterprise, remediate and report on incidents, and detect
content accurately, all within one unified platform.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor inspects all network communications,
such as email, instant messages (IM), Web, FTP, P2P, and generic TCP, for confidential
data in violation of data security policies.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention Network Protect automatically protects stored
confidential data by quarantining, copying, or removing it from its stored location.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent proactively stops network
communications from being sent in violation of data security policies by conditionally
removing or routing messages that contain confidential data to an encryption gateway
for secure delivery.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent blocks confidential files from being
copied to USB or other removable media devices, transferred over the network, burned to
CD/DVDs, copied to a drive, or printed or faxed electronically.
Also find the sheet for more details
Symantec 14552315_IRC_BR_DLP_03.09_sngl.pdf 5.7 MB
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Hi Mohan,

As per query asked u please find below Symantec DL components works to achive the task which u asked.

U can read and understand more better in above note. Still I am replying to ur query. below detction are based on the policy u designed and action u configured

1.How we Discover Wher is your confidental data

Using Symantec Network Discover and Endpoint Discover component- This will scan ur enpoints using endpoint discover and will find the confidentail data on enpoints. Same will be achived the data which resides at databases and fileshares using network discover

2.How to Monitor How is it being used and who is the user

Using Symantec Network Monitor and web DLP, u can monitor all SMTP (mail) and FTP,HTTP (Web) traffic for confidential data.

3.How to Protect How best to prevent its loss

Using Symantec Network Protect and Endpoint Prevent, This will remove or block the confidentail data.

To achive this all u need to install Symantec DLP's all components.

Enforce, Oracle DB, Endpoint Server, Agents, Network Monitor/Prevent, Netwok Discover/Protect,Web DLP etc.

I am sure above explanantion will help u to understand ur queries answer.