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How to do backup from network shares

Created: 29 May 2013 | 11 comments

Hi to all,

I have on a backup server BE2012 installed.

generally I use Disk-to-disk-to-LTO5 Autoloader strategy to do my backup.

Now I need to include some shares in backup process that are on a NAS.

I have mapped the share as network drive but BE2012 don't see it and I don't have also possibility to explore my network.

How can I do?

Thanks to all, 


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BackupExec is running as a service. This effectively means it doesn't know what a 'mapped drive' is, since those only exist for a logged-in user. Because of this, you need to use the UNC path when adding a networked resource as a Backup-to-Disk folder.

E.g. use "\\SERVER\SHARE" instead of "N:\"

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I don't want to write on a network share, I want to copy data from the network share (present on a NAS) on my cartdrige LTO.

If I open backup process, on the left, I see only local drive and I can not browse network :(

Thanks a lot,

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To browse your NAS, you would first have to add it as a server.  Click on the Add Server button on the button bar and then choose to add File Server.  You then specify the UNC path to the share on the NAS.

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You'll need to enable the selection of user shares in the Backup Exec general settings and then add the NAS to the Backup Exec server list as a file server. You will require at least one Agent for Windows Systems license, but no agent has to be installed on the NAS.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: please see this tech note for more info:

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I have added my NAS as fileserver and I have also created the backup process.

As you told me... when process start...a license was required!!!!

I Think that this product is too expensive!!!

Is not possible take a backup of data that are on other resources or on a simple NAS in network.

Is not correct!!!

Please, can you let me know which license I have to purchase?

Thanks a lot for your support,


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To backup a remote server or any remote device like a NAS, you would need to buy a Remote Agent for Windows licence.

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Hi Alex,

At least one Agent for Windows Systems (AWS) license must be installed on the Backup Exec Media Server to perform a share level (CIFS) backup of data.

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But this license cover all devices I have or I need one license for each NAS??



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You need 1 RAWS licence for each remote device or remote server.

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WoW!!!  surprise

I have a dedicate server with a LTO5 attached to do backup of 3 servers and 3 NAS.

I have to purchase 3 license for the NAS and 3 for the servers!!!

is too much expensive!!!

I guess I was wrong purchase!!

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...just to let you know...ARCserve is the same! So it isn't limited to BE.


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