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How do I move specific archived messages from one archive to another?

Created: 10 Mar 2014 • Updated: 15 Apr 2014 | 6 comments
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Environment details: Exchange 2010 SP3, Enterprise Vault

Situation: we have one user who has been using his personal mailbox as a departmental archive which entails 10 years of data. He was storing all messages sent to and in his inbox folder and multiple subfolders.

After discovering this, I had him create two subfolders: mailinglist1 and mailinglist2 and move all messages relative to each. I created a shared mailbox and moved all messages sent to to the sharedmailbox\inbox\mailinglist1 folder and all messages sent to to sharedmailbox\inbox\mailinglist2.

What I need now is to physically move, not copy, all archived messages send to mailinglist1 and mailinglist2 out of the user's archive and into the sharedmailbox's archive. How do I accomplish this?

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So you have currently moved the shortcuts to the shared mailbox, you might as well go ahead and remove those as they won't work for anyone but the original user unless you give others permission to his archive.

You should be able to use the Export Archive Wizard.  You won't be able to go directly from archive to archive but you will be able to specify a folder path and choose to remove the items from the archive.

About the Export Archive wizard
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 Thank you for the information. I did review the article before posting and was hoping for a more direct way to accomplish the task at hand.

 It sounds like I need to export the archive to PST, split it up and then import the data into the appropriate archives.

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Hi cmi_it,

One of the options in the "Export to PST File wizard" is "Export all items from this root folder path". You mentioned that you moved all the messages to two folders. Are you referring to Enterprise Vault shortcuts? If so, if you have "Moved Items" enabled in the mailbox policy, those archived items should be probably in those two folders in the archive. Open Archive Explorer and look at the archive structure. If that's the case, then you just need to export those two folders to PST and import them to the appropriate archive.

I hope this helps.

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 The moved items is enabled in the mailbox policy. The folder structure is slowly propogating under the shared mailbox but extremely slow. Is there a way to expedite the shortcut and archive process for the user's mailbox and the shared mailbox?

We are working with two folder structures due to the orginal PST migration tactic used. My original question was in regards to this structure where emails are all over the place. For this one, I am exporting the Archive folder structure to PST, will create the two folders and work with the items this way. I was hoping that there was a more robust tool to help save me time and just export the pertinent items sent to mailinglist 1 and mailinglist2. From what I understand the answer is no and that I can either take the slow boat which is working within the mounted archive and waiting for each mailbox to update or the quicker path which appears to be the export method and working with the archive via ,pst files.

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I am still in the process of exporting the archive to PST, splitting it up and then import the data into the appropriate archives.