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How do I publish a Windows Service in Workflow 7.5.2100.1035?

Created: 03 Dec 2013 • Updated: 03 Dec 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear Symantec,

I have a Windows Service Workflow that I want to publish so that I can install it on a server. I used to be able to go to:

File->Publish Project->Create Publishing Installer

and it would then go through the process of creating an installer for my Windows Service Workflow. I would then use the installer to install the Windows Service quite nicely! This worked even in the Workflow Manager that came with Service Desk 7.5 MR1.

However... I have now upgraded my development server to Workflow 7.5.2100.1035 (the Workflow 7.5 that comes with SMP 7.5) and now it gives the following message when I do the above:


So, if I cannot create an installer, does anyone know how to install it as a Windows Service now?

Kindest regards,


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As the Workflow version that came with SMP 7.5 isn't compatible with ServiceDesk 7.5 I would recommend using the actual Workflow version that is installed with ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 or SP1.

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Sorry? I do not understand. I am using the one that most people will use - the one that came with SMP 7.5 on the SMP server. I used to have WF 7.1 SP2 on my SMP 7.5 and needed to upgrade to SMP 7.5, so went up to WF 7.5.

The Service Desk Server is something else entirely.

Anyway, I think that I fixed this issue. I just used:

File->Publish Project->Create Publishing Directory

and that places the files into the right directory, with the install.bat which I run to install it.

I like this solution better.

Kindest regards,


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