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How do I renew my essential support agreement for Symantec System Recovery

Created: 04 Jun 2014 | 5 comments

When I first received an e-mail from Symantec about this I must have deleted it (my bad), but now my support agreement has expired and I'm trying to find details on how to renew it.

I also received an e-mail from "The Renewal Centre" but I googled them and they sound dodgy so I would rather deal with Symantec directly.

I have searched on the web site where it says it's good to keep the support agreement but I can't find details on how to renew.

I called the support number but there are a lot of options and I may have gone to the wrong place as the person I spoke to couldn't find my e-mail address (it was the one I had used for support when my agreement was still in place).

I e-mailed Asia Pacific sales (I'm in Australia) but didn't get a response back.

Any suggestions on where I can go on the web site (or otherwise) so I can renew my support agreement.


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You can contact the Symantec Licencing department. Call the support hotline and select option 2

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I have tried this and I'm afraid I'm unimpressed.

When I call there is a recorded message saying that all agents are busy and giving me the option to wait or record a message to get a return call later. I choose to stay on the line as it is usually quicker. But after 4 minutes the system takes the choice out of my hands and only allows for me to record a message. I have done this several times over several days but I have not received any call back.

Are there any other alternatives?

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Another option is to contact your local Symantec reseller and ask for your company's IBR (install base report). This IBR will contain all the info you need.

Someone in your company should also have your original license certificate (either hardcopy or PDF).

This license certificate will have your Customer ID which will help you when you contact Customer care or Licensing department.

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Unfortunately it is a personal licence rather than a company licence. It is one I purchased directly off the Symantec web site (when I upgraded from Norton Ghost). On reading your post I did a more thorough search and found the licence certificate so it will be handy.