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How do I setup setup external access to vaulted items from notes client

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 27 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I searched for document to setup external access to vaulted items from notes client but unable find one. Does anyone have already set this up?

Can anyone share any article which explains this

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Hi jaj, there is a technote which can be referred while configuring external access to archived items from notes and DWA:

How to change the Archive Server, Archive Server URL and Search URL used by Lotus Notes and iNotes from a server internal host name or alias to a server external host name or alias (from Enterprise Vault for Domino 10.0.1)

I hope this helps..

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That technote is certainly relevant for external iNotes access but I am somewhat intrigued that your original post actually requests a 'document to setup external access to vaulted items from notes client', as I do not see that technote as being the complete answer for external notes client access

Can you elaborate on how the customer externally accesses non-archived original Domino data from notes client as the answer to that question is relevant to how you may be able to externally access the archived Domino data from a notes client

By this, I am wondering:

1. Do they user a VPN tunnel that gives them secure external access to the internal corporate network and hence the user's home mail server?

2. Or do they replicate the user' smail file to a cluster server in a DMZ and externally access it there?

3. Or do they use the in-built Domino Passthru server functionality?

4. Or do they use some other method not mentioned above to access user's Domino mail file / server?

Once we know the answer to this question, I can advise further on how you may configure external access to archived data using a Notes client



Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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That technot cant be accessed :(

Hey Paul, its the 2nd one users mailfiles will be replicated to another domino server which is accessible on internet

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The challenge you have in this scenario, I suspect, is that the user accesses a mail file replica on this externally available Domino server and when they initiate a retrieval request, it attempts to access the EVDG server (using the Archive Server parameter stored on the hidden ev_paramaters profile doc), and that server address is not resolvable / accessible from the external location

To be honest this configuration for external access is not a common one, or at least not one that we have encountered or I have personally heard of one of our customers using before and as such, there is no official document / article detailing how to allow access to archived items in this scenario

I think you really need to open a support case to deal with this request more formally, but in short, your options / requirements probably are to

1. Make the address of the EVDG server(s) available both internally and publically so that when a retrieval request is initiated, it can be resolved to the EVDG server from either location

2. Make the EVDG servers accessible over the NRPC port (1352) internally and externally, either by placing them in the DMZ alongside the cluster mail servers and/or by opening a tunnel through the firewall(s) to their internal location

From EV9 Sp1 onwards, the retrieval architecture is to retrieve the item to the mail file replica from which the request is initiated and display the item from that mail fiel replica. But the EV customizations within the mail template need to intitiate this retrieval request via a call to the EVDG server which is then intercepted by our extension manager on that EVDG server to process the retrieval to the intiiating mail file replica - hence why netweok address resolution and 1352 communication channels between client, EVDG and mail server are essential for retrieval to work

I hope that helps, if you get a support case open for further assistance, let me know the case number and I will keep an eye on its progress


Paul Honey | Enterprise Vault Engineering | Customer Focus Team (CFT) | Symantec Corporation |

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Thanks Paul, well the external access to mailfile/archived items have not finalized yet. I was asked to check what are possible configuration ways exist when it comes to enterprise vault. I will make a note of your suggestions