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How do I trade in my 2012 key for something that works?

Created: 19 Nov 2012 • Updated: 11 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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First off I'll admit I'm biased, I absolutely loathe the "new and simplifed" user interface you stuck us with for 2012.  However I'm really tired of jacking with this software at this point and just want something that works, and this does not.

I installed it, upudated, setup a job, ran for a week or so then the SQL server stopped functioning.  I work to get it joy.  Nothing that is suggested works so I uninstall, clean the registry and reinstall... only it won't reinstall now. 

Tells me it successfully installed the first 2 parts, including the sql engine then fails on installing the actual program... according to the log this is due to it not being able tot get the sql engine to work, thinks I have a previous installation of sql server in place, there is no other version of sql on the server, it is a brand new server not in actual production yet.  (Windows Server 2008 Std R2  - updated)

So it is bad enough your "simplified" progam which isn't simplified but you released something with obvious issues.  I mean one of the solutions is ... don't uninstall, try to repair... why didn't you do your job right for your uninstall. (it is a rhetorical quesiton, it is obvious  you haven't.)

So how do I get trade the key for this software and obtain a key of your either 2010 or 12.5 versions of the program that just needed updatiung  and  worked as expected.  Oh and I did disabled the AV prior to trying to install it, though since it is your AV one would think it'd work with it but I guess that's hoping for too much.  You folks really need to get your product development people all on the same page. ...and for backup and restore it doesn't get simpler than the checkbox system you had on the previous version no matter what your product people tell you.

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Hi there,

You need to contact the Symantec licensing department and ask them to downgrade your licenses to BE 2010 R3. Download R3 on the link below, patch with SP2 and then any available updates, and push-install to any remote servers you might have.

That said, there is a Beta programme for BE 2012 R2 which might be worthwhile getting involved in. Check below:


How to contact the licensing department:

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: