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How Do I Turn Off PGP Viewer?

Created: 05 Apr 2011

PGP 10.1.1, Windows.

I export old email files from Thunderbird, using the ImportExport Tools add-on, as plain text files (.txt). I then encrypt them using PGP. Other than the fact that they were originally email messages, they are no different than any other .txt files.

When I attempt to decrypt the files, I am prompted to enter my passphrase, but then PGP Viewer opens and gives me an error message "PGP Viewer was unable to open <filename>. Error: No PGP content" Or sometime the error says, "Not an email file".

No kidding ... that's because it's just a text file.

If I move the files out of the directory in which they were originally encrypted, then everything works just fine -- I am prompted for the passphrase and the files are decrypted. But within the directory in which the files were originally encrypted, PGP Viewer always intervenes and always errors-out.

How do I prevent PGP Viewer from intercepting these files?