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how to do plex mirror in such a way that cloumn should be same for both plexes?

Created: 28 Feb 2014 • Updated: 01 Jun 2014 | 4 comments
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Hi, Suppose I have a striped volume with size of 125G(5x25G subdisks ) in Disk group. I have newly added  7x50G disks in to that disk group. I need to do mirroring in a condition that mirrored plex should take 5 disks only with 25G size... If I give vxassist -g <dg> <volume> mirror alloc=newdisk1,newdisk2...newdisk7 it will mirror but sub disks do not match. I need to get same number of subdisks in plex2 as well.. How to accomplish this? Any option is available with vxassist?

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Gaurav Sangamnerkar's picture

Try giving a layout option for vxassist to identify the layout

for e.g

# vxassist -g demodg mirror hvol layout=stripe alloc=disk02,


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Pankaj Tandon's picture

Use ncolumns option in vxassist utility: e.g.

` vxassist -g <dgname> mirror <volume name> ncolumns=5`


Pankaj Tandon

mikebounds's picture

If your exisiting plex is a 5 way stripe, then when you mirror, I believe the new plex will have the same layout, but when you use mirror command, only give 5 disks, rather than 7 - then it should create 1 subdisk on each disk - as you have given it all seven disks, I guess it split some of the plexes over 2 disks.


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