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How to do VM backups using Hot-add transport mode

Created: 30 Jan 2014 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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hi i want to backup my ESX VMs (local Storage) over FC Network and i think i must use Hott-Add Transport mode but i cant find any Document or Guide about doing it with BE 2012.

how can i Configure Hott-Add Transport mode?

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Hoyt Add Trasnport requires that the media server (running Backup Exec) is also virtualized, however if you do this then yoyu cannot use tapes as a backup device as we do not support tape drive backup using a virtualized media server.

As such

SAN Transport = fastest backup if media server is physical (as long as you can share the VMFS datastore location with the media server using SAN technology). Can backup to tape, disk or dedup

HotAdd Transport = fastest backup if media server is virtualized in same vCenter as servers being backed up, but limited to disk storage and dedup (possibly with performance issues as dedup is very CPU and RAM intensive which being virtualized as well can show up)

NBD/NBDSSL Transport = methods to backup over LAN and usually slower than SAN or HotAdd. Can write to all storage types

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thank you . how can i Configure Hott-Add Transport mode?

so i just need to have a BE server running in my Virtual Environment , add vCenter server & Create backup job and select Hott-add transport mode? i

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Have a look @ this KB as well -

Specifically the section "Best Practices when using Hot-Add".

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I should have mentioend you cannit backup to USB disk for full support in a virtualized media server either (although it is possible you might be able to get this to work)

Also you don't need a vcenter to do a backup althought if you do have a venter you must use it for the backup.

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thanks again , so  all i need to backup my VMs from local  ESX Storages (10 ESX Host)  over FC is one Virtual BE Server , 1 HBA for every ESX server and create backup job for vCenter+ using Hot-add mode.