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How do you use GSS? Console? Ghost tools/executables only?

Created: 09 Aug 2012 • Updated: 20 Sep 2012 | 2 comments
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We'd like to find out just how you use Ghost Solution Suite. Please take the poll to the right and let us know!

Jon Sharp
Sr. Product Manager

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Why it's such a popular option? Well, every single time we see a broken hard drive, which is still somehow readable, DOS Ghost will not crash while reading from the drive (Windows version either crashes hard or is never allowed to start because the FAT table is too messed up, thus Windows won't allow access).

Also, it's so darn easy to create a DOS .IMA image, which is then burned to a CD-R as a virtual floppy (Nero supports this quite well) - and this CD will allow either me or a client to clone not only one PC, but a whole range of computers, usually a classroom. And the only thing I need to know about the client, is what network card his PCs have. With the DOS version, I don't have to care about hard drive controllers etc. This exact option is our most frequently seen reason for selling Ghost Solution Suite.

Also, we repair computers here at the office. Say that a client has a problem which we have never seen before. DOS Ghost will allow us to clone the PC, try all sorts of things, clone the image back...and then do the one thing which fixes the problem.

DOS Ghost can also be used to P2V computers. All I need to know about the physical the network card. And if the physical PS is severely broken (say the motherboard is broken and can not be replaced)...I simply connect the hard drive to one of my workshop-PCs and clone it to a ghost image, which is then ghosted into a virtual hardrive. Result...a very important and irreplacable production PC is now running agaín, despite the physical PC being lost forever. I have used this option quite a few times...

We have been a Ghost Solution Suite customer since Ghost7, and we have kept every DOS version of Ghost since then - some PCs only accept one Ghost version.

What we'd like to see supported in newer versions of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite?

- Support for UEFI BIOS (more and more PCs get this).
- Support for incomplete images in Ghost Explorer.
- Better support for corrupt images in Ghost Explorer.
- Support for injecting / replacing files in a Ghost image.
- Better memory handling in DOS (fragmented drives with many files crashes Ghost).
- The ability to enter a manual IP in DOS Ghost client (avoid or create Wattcp.cfg).
- The ability to mount a .GHO image file as a virtual drive (as Windows 7 / 2008R2 does with .VHD)
- Support for Windows 8 (I have already tested it on Windows 8, and it apparently works. Would be nice to have official support though...
- Better support for single partitions (right now, manual cloning of a single partition to a local image allows replacing the partition later on, Ghost casting it nukes all other partitions).
- Better support for .GHS files (all earlier versions of DOS Ghost placed them in the same folder as the GHO file, newest version places them in the same folder as Ghost.exe)

In short - Ghost Solution Suite is a perfect tool and I'd reject working in any workshop without it. It's also my only solution to companies/schools who want to clone PCs to a large number of clients.

Feel free to send personal message if you have any questions of any kind...

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adding on to Klaus's requests (trying not to duplicate)

I use the console for almost everything.  Please add the following functionality to the console:

SEARCHING FOR MACHINES INSIDE THE CONSOLE (PLEASE!!!).  We shouldnt have to use scripts

more than one user allowed to have the console open at once

Intel AMT support (Altiris has it)