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How does Smart DNS work?

Created: 26 Apr 2012 • Updated: 27 Apr 2012 | 6 comments
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My SEP version is 12.1.

I have already enabled "Smart DNS" in built-in rules of firewall policy.

but sometimes i can still see in the logs the port of tcp/udp 53 was blocked by the firewall.

( i disabled the rule "allow all applications")

can someone tell me how does Smart DNS work? and need i create a rule to allow tcp/udp 53 even if  i enable "Smart DNS"? if i needn't, so shall i ignore the logs?

thanks a lot.

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A smart traffic filtering option that allows a Domain Name System (DNS) client to resolve a domain name from a DNS server while providing protection against DNS attacks from the network. This option blocks all Domain Name System (DNS) traffic except outgoing DNS requests and the corresponding reply. If a client computer sends a DNS request and another computer responds within five seconds, the communication is allowed. All other DNS packets are dropped. Smart DNS does not block any packets; blocking is done by the normal security rule set.

  Allows the outbound DNS requests to and corresponding inbound replies from assigned DNS servers only.

If a computer sends out a DNS request and the response comes back within five seconds, the communication is allowed. All other DNS packets are dropped.

If you disable this setting, you must create a firewall rule that allows UDP traffic for remote port 53 (domain) to use DNS.

This option is enabled by default.

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did you check the firewall rule that is blocking the traffic. Basically if the SMART DNS is enabled then it will not affect if firewall is blocking the traffic.

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i did not creat a rule to block tcp/udp 53.  so SMART DNS can be fuctional. And actually,the clients have no problem to communicate with DNS server.

since SMART DNS is on, so that tcp/udp 53 traffic will no be blocked.

so i just confuse why i can still see the logs (block all other ip traffic) that some  tcp/udp 53 traffic was blocked

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The ip address of which the port is blocked is it correct DNS server?

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Thanks again. you do a great help for me .