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How to Duplicate if some fragment deleted

Created: 10 Jan 2013 • Updated: 11 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
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Please help!

using NBU 6.5.5 and will be upgradng soon

My backups are going to dsk on Q:\NBUDrive and then duplicated to tape. Due to space issue some one deleted first 28 *.img files to free space on that drive. Now the dupication for this client is failing. Please let me knw if we can duplicate it somehow. Also would I be able to restore this? I do see things in the restore right now as it is on disk but not able to duplicate as fragments are deleted.

Please help this is my yearly backup.

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i am not seeing any option to duplicate those,  and also you need to remove the image from the Netbackup data base to avoide images consistance issue.

you can see the things in restore, because it browses the Image data base(and you have images avaliable ) but actually when you trigger the restore, it looks for the data in disk , as data is alread deleted restore will fail.

before deleting that just have a try..(not sure if it helps or not)

try to verify the image using the catalog --->verify option and see what it is saying..

try to do the phase 1 and 2 of Import for those images and see if you are able to create a Image with avaliable fragments.

alternatly out of netbackup, you can use those fragments for restore using the OS commands, 

if would like to go what that.. copy the image fragments to another location and keep remove the imaged from Disk stu.

below blog explies this for unix and tape backup, hopefully you can find one for windows and disk

if you want to you can take a backup of those using netbackup once you copy those to alternate device.

hope this helps.

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Your backup is useless without all fragments. You will not be able to restore this backup.
You will need to re-run the backup.

Expire image id(s) for this backup set and rerun backup. if disk space is a problem, run backup directly to tape.

Everyone in your team needs to understand how NBU manages disk space on DSSUs and will automatically expire/cleanup already duplicated images.

PS: PLEASE upgrade your environment. NBU 6.x is no longer supported.

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I agree, "Your backup is useless without all fragments. You will not be able to restore this backup.
You will need to re-run the backup."

You can create some space and use a tar command to try to restore the data somewhere else, then back it up again - why not just re-run the backup?

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If files on DSU/DSSU are manually deleted, you need to fix NB catalog as so to keep consistency between contents of DSU/DSSU and catalog. Identify which files are delteted, then expire backup images which is related to deleted files.

After that, if backup images involved have been already duplicated to tape, you can duplicate them back manually. But I recommend you not to do so if you have configured DSSU(Disk staging storage unit - BasicDisk for disk staging). Copies manually duplicated to DSSU may not be deleted even if DSSU become full.

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Thanks for the help but this is 1.4 TB data and only first 28 .img files are deleted that is about only 40 GB data is deleted. I can still restore the data as it is on disk. Is there no way I can duplicate this data to tape or I have to keep it on dsk. Will symantec help if I open ticket.

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there is nothing wrong trying with Symantec support.

but we are not findind any other way from Netbackup, you can try if OS level commands could help or not as i sepcifed in my earlier post.

keep us posted how your symantec case going on.. 

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The only way i can see that you could do anything with this is if the disk has not been used since (which I double) and you then run file recovery software against it to recover the deleted fragments

There is nothing you can do with that image to make it whole or usable again without those fragments I am afraid

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