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how to eject tape after multiple jobs

Created: 24 Jan 2014 • Updated: 27 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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BackupExec 2012 Rev. 1798 64 Bit with Service Pack 3 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, backing up a Windows 2008 file server and Active Directory domain controller, an Exchange 2010 server, a Windows 2008 terminal server, a Linux server, a VMware ESXi host, and itself.

Weekly full and daily incremental backups are done to disk and copied to a Tandberg T24 LTO-5 changer.

In addition, monthly copies of the most recent full backups are go to a LTO-5 standalone drive for off-site storage.

Due to the way Backup Exec organizes its jobs, all this adds up to nine jobs (one for each physical server and four for groups of VMs requiring different settings) with five stages each (daily full and weekly incremental to disk, daily and weekly copy to changer, monthly copy to standalone drive). This is basically working. (Except for a few still unsolved GRT problems and a bunch of minor glitches I'll but aside for the moment.)

When all nine monthly copy jobs have run to completion, the tape in the standalone drive needs to be ejected so that it can be taken off-site. Currently I am doing that manually from the Backup Exec console every time, but this is tedious and I would much prefer to have it automated. Is there a way to achieve that?

I have searched this forum for a solution and found lots of discussions that appeared related but no applicable solution.



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You can check the "Eject tape after job completes" option.

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Which one? I've got nine of them! smiley

If I check that option on all nine jobs it seems the tape is ejected after the first one so the remaining eight are blocked because they can't suck it back in.

If I check it on only one of them, I'd expect the outcome to depend on their order of execution. That is, if the job with the option set doesn't happen to be the last one executed, all subsequent ones will be blocked.


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You can schedule one of the duplicate jobs to start later than the rest so that it would be the last one in the queue.

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I would suggest creating backup #10 and schedule it near the end of your backup window.  That backup job only needs one small file included and would have the option to eject media checked.

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