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How to esure client side deduplication is being used.

Created: 18 Feb 2013 | 6 comments


I have two clients both at seperate remote offices.  I have setup client side deduplication for both clients, but only one appears to be using client side dedupe.  How can I ensure client side dedupe is being used?

using Netbackup

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Please check 'Datailed Status' of backup jobs.
If client deduplication is enabed, message like below is displayed.

2013/02/19 11:05:47 - Info nbumedia (pid=25732) Using OpenStorage client direct to backup from client nbuclient to nbumedia

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Double-check that 'Disable client-side deduplication' in policy attributes is not selected, and also in Host Properties -> Master -> Client Attributes.
Here Client names must be manually added.
If Client name does not exist here, then 'Always use the media server' is the default.
Add Client name, then select Prefer to use client-side deduplication or Always use client-side deduplication.

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policy is not set to disable client side dedupe.

confirmed client attributes are set to always use client side deduplication.

I don't know why this client is not using client side dedupe.  The other client is using client side dedupe - I can see Using OpenStorage client direct  in the detailed status of the backup.

anywhere else to check?

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Any chance, policy and schedule for this backup is configured with non-deduplication storage unit.

All clients use same policy and schedule? Same storage unit?

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In the Nbu 7 Operating Systems Compability List, under the section Deduplication Supported Operating Systems, OS that are not listed do not support Client Side Dedup. Some OS have a minimum Nbu version requirement.

Also, check to see if the client is also running the same Nbu version ( as the Master/Media servers.

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Clients were pointed to seperate storage units (MSDP) and in different policies.

To rule out the STU  I put them in the same policy and ran a full on the problem client - same issue.