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How EV client V9 retrieve credential information?

Created: 12 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello all,

We get an issue with one of our VIP user.

She gets request for credential when she try to access any archived email in her EV environment (connected to the network), and in fact the credential logon field were with email address, it should have been with "domain\logon"

As soon as we have corect the logon information, no more pront for password.

Is it a know issue on EV side?

How EV 9 and EV 10 client is getting logon information? Via Credential Manager of Windows 7?

Full workstation issue?

We only had one or two users with this issue, so I guess that it is not a server issue.

Thanks a lot for your help !


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I would check the following this,

1. Open the User Accounts application by navigating to Start | Control Panel and double-clicking on the User Accounts icon.

2. Click the Advanced tab and click Manage Passwords

3. The entries listed in the Stored User Names and Passwords pane provide details for the logon information for the server listed. 

4. The listing for the EV server is causing the user to be prompted for their credentials.  Select the entry with the EV server name, then click the Remove button to delete the entry.

5. Retrieving, restoring, or manually archiving an item in the user's mailbox will not cause the credentials prompt to display again.  There is no need to restart Outlook for this correction to take place.

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Ok,thanks a lot for that fast reply!

 I will ask to our local VIP support to check.

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So in fact, EV is using the Credential Manager of Win7 right?

It is still a bit unclear how EV client is taking user logon information

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No, EV isn't using Credential Manager.  When you click the shortcut it makes the call to the EV Server and if the user has saved credentials Windows sends those credentials to EV instead of the logged in credentials.

Same as it would if you saved credentials for a files share or what not.

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just to add to this, the negotiation is between Internet Explorer and IIS on the EV Server
So typically it should be using Integrated Windows Authentication, so it simply takes the username specified when IE makes the call

However if you ever have that prompt and you check the "Save username/password",. it can add it to the credential manager, and any time it visits that server, it will use the saved username/password

Normally when this becomes an issue is after the user changes their password and credentials manager uses the old password, also this is not something exclusive to Windows 7 but happened on Vista and Windows XP also.