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How exactly centera collection works in EV10

Created: 04 Mar 2013 • Updated: 05 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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Can anyone pelase explain How exactly centera collection works in EV10?

Many Thanks

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First you set an area to collect the files in, something like E:\Centera Collections\
Then when enterprise vault archives items, the DVS files are placed in that directory

EV then goes through and scans each item and tries to bunch items in to a collection of 100 items or whatever it can get within 15 seconds, and it puts items with the same retention in to that collection

So if you have 50 items with 3 year retention and 50 items with 7 year retention, it will create two clips
If 15 seconds elapses and it only has 80 items for the collection, then it will push it up to the centera
if 100 items are collected within 3 seconds, then it will push it up to centera.

EV then communicates with the centera via the EMC CentraStar API to get a CLIPID, and then creates the collection entry in the vault stores collection table, and then the collectionID created gets assigned to each saveset that has been collected.

Once the clip has been stored, EV will then do a verify to ensure data integrity, and once the verification has been passed, the DVS files are then deleted from the collections area.

The collections area should be excluded from antivirus, also indexing will access those items in the collections area to add them to the index.

Then depending on if you have a replica and if your Vault Store is set to "After Backup", EV will then poll the replica to make sure the clip exists, and once it has determined the clip exists, the items are removed from WatchFile and then BackupComplete is set to 1 in the JournalArchive table

Also note that the Centera Collections process runs via StorageFileWatch, so if you ever need to dtrace what centera collections is doing, you would dtrace StorageFileWatch.

Also there are Centera Collection threads created each time Storage starts, by default there are 10 threads, if any of these threads die, they do not get restarted, so if you notice the collections area building up and building up, then you should try restarting the storage service and have a look at the event logs to see if any of them were terminated during the collections process

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Many Thanks JW for the nice and clear explanation.

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Very good information...thanks JW