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How to exclude the C:\Users\username\AppData folder, and others

Created: 19 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

I would like the ability to create a custom backup set to backup all files in:


But I want it to exclude the \appdata folder as as well as the itunes folder. I do not need to backup the miriad of temp files, ost files, and mp3's, etc.

I can create a filter for file types and there is a check mark for Files and Folders but it will only exclude files that are setup in the filter list.  I want it to exclude those entire folders.

Reason being is that not everyone uses the prebuilt directories under the users folder.  Some add new ones and I want to capture those.



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Pg 75 of the admin guide tells you how to do so...check it out and see if this helps you.

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You need to create a custom selection for this.

1. Go to Profile and Backup Selection

2. Click on Add... and select Type a folder name (For example C:\MyBackupFolder). There you can specify C:\Users\%USERNAME%. This should apply to all the active users who are using DLO Agent in their system

3. Go to Include/Exclude tab. Select Include and exclude only the items listed below radio button. Here you can add include and exclude. You can specify the Folder or File that you need to backup or exlude from here.

4. Save the changes and see the backups. You can test with couple of users and see if that helps.