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How to exclude Junk Mail Folder where the folder name is different on client installations?

Created: 27 Jun 2012 • Updated: 25 Jul 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In our company, which has a global presence, we have a situation where in the Outlook 2010 the Junk Mail folder is differently named. In some cases it is named as "Junk E-Mail" and in other cases it is named as "Junk-E-Mail".

We already tried the EVPM Script which looks something like below:

DirectoryComputername = <evservername>
SiteName = <evsitename>
LDAPquery = (...)
Name = \Junk E-Mail
Filtername = DoNotArchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true

Name = \Junk-E-Mail
Filtername = DoNotArchive
OverrideArchiveLocks = true

In this case obviously, the script creates additional "Junk-E-Mail" folder for users who have default folder as "Junk E-Mail" and vice-versa.

How can this be resolved?

Thanking you and looking for a quick solution.

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Theres not much you can do except but to clean it up on the exchange side and then apply the EVPM globally

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Thanks. I thought so that there is not much which could be done on the EVPM side. One thought was that if something like a wild card e.g. \Junk*E*Mail or \Junk%E%Mail could work.

Anyhow we have already initiated the process to identify and sort out the issue on Exchange side.

Sharad Sharma

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what's the common thing that differentiates users that have those two spellings of the folder? you can either ldap query based on it, enter your DNs, run it against a particular group, etc.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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The is no real differentiating attribute or object which can be consistently used as you suggested. We have started the investigation on Exchange side to identify and resolve the issue there.


Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma's picture

We have started the investigation on Exchange side to identify and find a resolution.

Thanks for all your feedbacks.

Sharad Sharma

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I have a suggestion. If you would like people to stop commenting on it please flag someone's posting as having been the solution.. then people will not come in here and provide suggestions thinking you are still seeking assistance.

If you are still seeking assistnace that is outside of the start of this alleged investigation on the Exchange side... please let us know. but I think you are not. 

Just a thought... may save you from several hours of typing to people shamelessly trying to help,