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How to export policy/rule form SEPM that can be import to Client?

Created: 29 Dec 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
I want send one of my firewall rule from SEPM to our client.SEPM can only export .dat file, but client only accept .sar or .xml file through -importconfig or -importadvrule.Any one know how to do it? Thanks a  lot.

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OK.......lets make the question more clear.
For example.
From  offcial "Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0—Customer Installation Issues with
Resolutions" document, how to implement:
FAQ: My wireless does not work when using the unmanaged client by default. What do I do?
 "Generate a policy file allowing EAPOL from SEPM that can be imported on the client so that the traffic is allowed"
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A better idea would be to assign the policy on to that group(where the client is present) and export the new policy from the client end and import it on to the machines that you want to work with.
This would all be a good exercise and research but then it could all be done from the SEPM with couple a clicks.

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Thanks for your response.That client computer is a :Unmanaged" client.
I already have tried this way before:
If I use -exportadvrule/-importadvrule,it is not working.import successful, but No any rule send to client.
If I use -exportconfig/-importconfig, that unmanaged client will become managed client.That is not what  I want...
Any Idea? Thanks