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How to find EV archive policy thru powershell

Created: 14 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 11 comments
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Morning All

We Recently had EV installed by our parent company. The question i have is we are trying to determine which users mailbox currently DO NOT have the archiving policy applied and if this is possible to achieve by using the Exchange powershell. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We are using Enterprise Vault Version (Updated: i cannot access server atm to give you these details Apologises) Along with Exchange Server 2010 Ver 14.02.0318.001


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Not sure about Powershell but I don't think so. 

I think the easiest thing would be to run the Provisioning Task in Report Mode.  Make sure the Reporting is set to Full and it will list all the mailboxes that are part of provisioning.

Also, do you want to know if they are provisioned or enabled?  Just because a mailbox is provisioned doesn't mean it is enabled.

If you could clarify exactly what you are trying to do maybe we could offer some better ideas.

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Hi Tony

I will try and give you a well round overview we are faced with. ... we are a production company so we have alot of staff that will only work certian times of the year or they will leave goto another prodcution company and may come back the following year or 6months down the track and it vital they retain their email. Since the parent company introduced EV (which unfortunaltey was not smooth and i dont think they understood the scope of what we do half way across the world hehe) We have had issues with storage space and have been told that we have had issues with archiving Macs due to client version not being compatible which earlier today i found has been resolved and have been passed onto the parent company.

I shall try and stop digressing.. More to the point now we have lets say somewhere in the vacinity of 500-700 mailboxes and we are unsure how we can find out which mailboxes ARE NOT being archived (how can i say have the client installed to access archive material / Do not have the EV-archive policy associated to their Mailbox or Active directory account). If i login to our exhcange server and goto active directory computers and users and view the EV groups we have (which to what i can they need to be a member of I can see who is currently in that group as a domain user).

What i cant see are the users who might NOT be in this group from our domain which i am struggling to find atm and i thought that maybe i could find this policy through the powershell on users mailboxes but as im typing this im realising that might not be the right direction im trying to head into.

Forgive me I am very much a begineer with EV as we were not given a handover due to the fact that the parent company believe they are responable for the EV server but yet task us with such a thing.... 

in Summary I need to findout if any domain user accounts or their mailboxes ARE NOT currently being archived with EV.

I hope I was more clear with my objective this time and i might have given some insight to aid me. Once again I'm rather new with this system please forgive me for any definitions i might have misconstrude.

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That was a very clear explaination!  :)

So a couple questions, do you have access to the EV Server and\or SQL Server?

If yes, you could run this query to find mailboxes that are not enabled for archiving:

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory

SELECT * FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry WHERE MbxArchivingState = 0

That will give you a list of all mailboxes not enabled for archiving. 

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Hi Tony I have managed to gain access to the EV server (admin Console) is there a way i can check from here ?

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One quick way would be to use the enable mailbox wizard and that would show you all the users provisioned but not enabled on an exchange server by exchange server basis, but there's no way to export that list out

Really though the SQL query tony gave is the way to go

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Fantastic i shall try that Thanks again guys for having the paitence and assiting me on this matter.


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Just did that and it appears all of them are enable as i recieved the below screen capture   

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Thanks Tony. I believe we do but i have had no reason as of yet to login to that server.. I shall try today. Would it be safe to say that running the query above it will search through all mailboxes and the mail boxes inside EV do they pick them up through exchange or active directory on creation of the account ? just wanting to get an understanding of how the mail box is discovered in EV initally. IM hoping its not through group policy otherwise i believe it will be a long process hehe.

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So when you first configure enterprise vault, you create provisioning groups which target AD users and groups etc..... so you could target a group via an LDAP query, or an Organizational Unit or a Distribution List etc

Provisioning then queries AD and then does a lookup of all the users returned to ensure they have a mailbox associated to the account, and then adds the results to the ExchangeMailboxEntry table

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Thanks JesusWept3. i was hoping to get on today to look at this but i might not be able to. As soon as i do i shall update the status of this thread.


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Thank you Both for you help ont he matter i was able to determine that they were all enables so iiwll be marking this solved Thank you Both for your time.. seems like we have a bigger issue with exchange So i might be posting a few mroe EV questions around here.

Thank agains Guys for your assistance.