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How to find out compression per job on tape

Created: 07 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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I am trying to find a way if possible of finding out how much a particular job compressed on to a tape.  I know you can find out the compression ratio on a tape, but I am trying to identify how well a particular backup job has compressed. 

The byte count of the job under job history only tells you the raw amount of data, it doesnt I dont think tell you what the tape drive managed to compress on the the tape for a particular job.

A, Is it possible to find this info and B, where is it?


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There is no way to get the hardware compression ratio from data within the job log alone.  As you have pointed out, the actual bytes written onto tape is not captured in the job log.

If you want to work out the compression ratio from the job log alone, use software compression.  The compression ratio will be shown in the job log.  For the same set of data, the software and hardware compression ratio is about the same.