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How to "force" install Task Services on Site Servers

Created: 08 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 7 comments

Hi,  I've been trying to get all my site servers to also host the Task Service for proper operation of our environment.  I've activated the correct Task Server Install jobs, verified the target systems and scheduled the task to run an hour later.  I's been 24-hours now, and I still have the same four Site Servers without the Task Services running on them.  This is creating a huge bottlenck on the SMP/CMS NS server since all traffice is being directed there.

I want to manually remote into each of the four Site Servers and run wahtever agent is necessary to have the Task Service enabled so we can manage the Site Servers properly.

Any thoughts?

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My suggestion is to understand why the TS is not yet installed - if servers have some problem when manual install will not resolve it.

If you connect remotly to one of the potential task-servers, dbl-click to SMA icon in the tray, select "Software Delivery" tab and select first three checkboxes in "Options" section -- will the TS install package shown? If yes - which status it has?

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Looking at the list, I don't see the Task Service Install item at all.  I do however, see "Task Service Upgrade (x64)" in the list, but it's "Disabled"

Thanks for the tip.

John A.

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You will NOT see the task Service install policy in the console as it is hidden.

If you checked the task Service install box on, when you were making it a site server, you should have the Task server install Policy show as disable in the SMA of a site server as shown in Alex Bizjajev reply.

If the Task Server install policy run status history is stopped, most likely it failed to install due to .net 3.5 sp1 not install on the Site Server.

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No prob.

As lotsill has mentioned, most of the problems with the Task Server install or upgrade are related to missing .Net Framework 3.5, which is prerequisite for the Task Server starting from Framework 3.5.

We have videos with Task Server install process and Task Server upgrade process, please consider to view them:

Specifically for the remote task server upgrade:

Also, we have a group for the Task Server:

It's an advertisement :)

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Let's return to the problem: is it expected to see the upgrade policy on this computer? If some old version of the Task Server was installed then NS could think this computer eligible for the upgrade, not for the clean install. May you review the Task Server upgrade collections in NS Console -> Site Management -> Settings -> Task Service -> Advanced -> Task Service Upgrade? Could it be your server will be listed there?


Some more hints for the agent side:

Agent has "Task Service Upgrade (x64)" policy in disabled state. 

Ordinary, such record indicates that the policy was able to execute successfully. You may see the details of the policy run by dbl-clicking to the "Task Service Upgrade (x64)".

First, check the "Run History" for "Status" and "Exit code". "Run Completed" and "0" will indicate the run completed successfully. "Source" will show the path to package file. By default all packages placed to "C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\SoftwareManagement\Software Delivery\GUID_NAME".

Tab "Details" contains information regarding the command line that was executed for the specific package. You may use it without "/quiet" parameter to launch the setup again. In such case you will see the UI messages if something goes wrong with the setup. Also, please review windows application log after the setup - it may contain some useful information.

Anyway, the proper way to roll-out plug-ins is automatic install, not the manual one.

Thank you,


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  • Altiris Base Task Handlers
  • Altiris Client Task Agent
  • Altiris Inventory Agent
  • Altiris Software Update Agent
  • Inventory Rule Agent
  • Package Server
  • Software Management Framework Agent
  • Software Management Solution Agent
  • Symantec Management Agent

These are teh only agents installed on one of the Stie servers.  All versions are 7.1.X...

John A.

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I've had problems with this in the past.  If the task service install tries to run and gets interrupted by something else (like a patch assessment scan), it never tries to run again.  

The way I get around this is by searching the software package directory on a package server \\servername\pgksvrhoste$ and search for "agent" or "task" and you will eventually find the task server agent install in the search.  You can copy it locally to the server and run the install manually from there.