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How to force the use of a bp.conf in my $HOME

Created: 28 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Hi experts.

How to force the use of a bp.conf in my $HOME.

This is my script but is not working because it is taking the bp.conf in /usr/openv/netbackup

hyperdb1:/home/oracle/dba/scripts/OSP> cat
#! /bin/ksh
ARCHIVEOSPDB=/home/oracle/dba/logs/OSP.ARCHIVE.`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`.log
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]
        echo "Usage : <ORACLE_SID>"
        exit 1
cp /home/oracle/bp.conf.archive /home/oracle/bp.conf
/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bparchive -s $1 -w -L /home/oracle/dba/logs/OSP.ARCHIVE.`date '+%Y-%m-%d'`.log -f /home/oracle/dba/scripts/OSP/$1list
cp /home/oracle/bp.conf.normal /home/oracle/bp.conf
log=`cat /tmp/LOGARCHIVEOSPDB`
cd /home/oracle/dba/logs
cat $log >>/home/oracle/dba/logs/ARCHIVE_OSPDB_historial.log
cd /home/oracle/dba/logs/
SUBJECT="Ospdb archive log"
PARAM1=$(egrep -i -c "ORA-|rejected|Killed|skipped|EXP-" "$log")
PARAM2=$(egrep -i -c "Server status = 0" "$log")
if [[ $PARAM1  -gt 0 || $PARAM2  -ne 1 ]] ; then
    (cat $TXTERROR;uuencode $log ARCHIVE-log.txt) | mail -s "$SUBJECT" $MAILTO

This is necessary because bp.conf has this line which is needed for other backups but will gave error if used with bparchive:


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I asked because I saw the following and it still not working.

About the bp.conf file on UNIX and Linux systems

A NetBackup for Oracle user can create an Oracle client bp.conf file in the Oracle user's home directory on the

NetBackup for Oracle client host. When a NetBackup for Oracle operation is started, the user's bp.conf file is

searched before the master configuration file (/usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf) on the client. Any option that is found

at the user level overrides the same option's setting at the master level.

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aha! one I have not come across before (removed my original reply)

Have you tried manually setting the $HOME within the script to /home/oracle to see if that forces it?

You shouldn't need to, but try it.

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Altho' that same T/N (cut straight from the Admin Guide) does also say:

Table: Options for the user bp.conf file shows the options you can set in the user's bp.conf file.

Table: Options for the user bp.conf file




This option specifies the name of the policy to use for the Oracle backup.


This option specifies the name of the Application Backup type of schedule to use for the Oracle backup.


This option specifies the name of the Oracle client. This name is especially useful for a redirected restore operation.


Use this option to increase the number of seconds that the Oracle client initially waits for a response from the NetBackup server. The default is the greater of 900 or CLIENT_READ_TIMEOUT.


This option specifies the name of the NetBackup master server.


This option causes NetBackup to include more information in its logs.

So, does that mean that these are the *only* (very limited) options available for the Oracle users bp.conf (so no IGNORE_XATTR) ?

Am not in a position to confirm nor deny as I have never been in a position to use same ......