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How to get BE to use oldest or earliest allocated tapes

Created: 22 Apr 2010 • Updated: 27 Oct 2010 | 4 comments

I am running BE 12.5 and have a library that holds 48 tapes. I run numerous jobs with several media sets, although I do not initially assign tapes to a media set. They get assigned as needed. The tapes are set to non-appendable until allocated and infinite overwrite protection. I do not have a media rotation - once a tape is used it is appendable in its media set until full and then it is removed and stored.

My question is, how do I get BE to select the oldest available or earliest allocated tape for a job from the blank or scratch media tapes? From what I have read it seems like it should do this, but instead it randomly selects tapes from the pool of available tapes (blank or scratch). As it is now, I have some tapes that sit in the library for long periods of time without ever being used.

Your ideas, suggestions, and advice will be appreciated.

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RahulG's picture

You can set that up from tools --Option media mangement
You can define which tape Backup exec should overite 1st it can be the scratch media(new tape)  or recyclable media (oldest media for which the overwrite protection period is over )

metincit's picture

I'm currently setup with Partial overwrite protection with Prompt before overwriting imported media checked and Overwrite scratch media for the overwrite option. So I'm not sure what changes you are suggesting.

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To expand on Rahul's  answer a little.

if you select "Use overwriteable media in the target media set before scratch media"  then Backup Exec should grab the oldest media that it can find in the target media set and use that

If you select the other, then it will grab the tape that has been in Scratch/overwriteable  status longest, regardless of what media set it is currently in

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