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how to get tapes to eject from library after job completion

Created: 16 Jun 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 10 comments

I have BE 12.0 Rev 1364 installed with a Dell TL4000 tape library.  The jobs are up and running successfully.

I would like for every backup job to eject it's tape out the TL4000's I/O Slot after the successful completion of each job.  Right now I have "Eject Media after job completes" checked but there's no discernable effect (of course, it _is_ ejecting the media out of the tape drive - but not out of the library).

I want automated backups with an "idiot-proof" offsite component:  come into server room, take tapes in ejected I/O slots offsite, replace with media that's just coming back onsite, close i/o slots.  Repeat next day.

Right now to manually eject the I/O slots I'm "Unlocking" the library from BE, then manipulating the library's front-panel controls to eject...after loading the tapes, accessing the library over HTTP and moving media to appropriate slots.


Mr. Stuff

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We have a Dell TL2000 library (smaller version of yours) and have wanted to do this since we were on Version 11d.  The method we came up with was to create a Media Location for our offsite media.  We then created a vault media job to move media to this Media Location we created.  The move media process ejects the tape(s) which have to go offsite.  We then have a scheduled Unlock job which runs after the Move Media job.  These jobs send an email to us so we know when they are done so we just have to then go to the library, use the front panel to eject the I/O tray and take the tape out.


Only problem with this for us is the TL2000's I/O tray only holds one tape.  At least your TL4000 has a 3 tape I/O tray.  It's an issue when there is more than one tape to go offsite.  We check to see how many tapes need to go offsite and then we know we have to run the Move Media job manually that many times.  We of course have to clear the I/O tray after each tape.  You likely won't run into that issue.


If my description for this is unclear, let me know.



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Can you give more detail?  This is the exact problem we are having with our Quantum Superloader 3.  Tapes eject from the drive, but not from the library.


I created a media (vault) location, but don't see an option to create a vault media job.  When I move media to this vault location it actually comes up with a message that it won't eject the media from the library, but simply move it to the new vault location.



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In the Job Setup tab, on the left hand side, there is a column of tasks.  Under heading Backup Strategy Tasks there is a task called 'New Job to Move Media to a Vault' and you would use this to create your move media job.

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Hi Willam,


are you able to give more detail on the setup of the unlock job

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Setup of the unlock job is fairly straightforward.  In Backup Exec 12, go to the Devices tab.  Then under Robotic Libraries, you should see your tape library.  Right click on the library and select Unlock.  The job properties window will appear.  Change the name of the job (such as removing the numbers and leaving Unlock Library as the name), the priority if needed (just left mine at the default), and the Schedule by selecting Schedule on the left column and setting it as needed.  I've got mine set to run a half hour after the Move job is scheduled due to the fact that sometimes the Move job will take some time to complete (usually 20 minutes when it's feeling particularly ornery).


Once the unlock job is done (should run very quickly) you can eject the I/O tray on the library from either the front panel or the web interface for the library.

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Thanks for the information on the unlock job  - I am new to the dell tl200 - please can I ask if you can give me a little more info on the eject issue -

I have created a new media location called offsite

i created a vault media job to move media to the offsite location ( how does the media get moved after the backup completes?)

and what does upon successful export move media to vault mean :-{


Kind Regards



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what the vault media job is supposed to do (as far as I can tell anyway) is physically eject the tapes from the most recent backup and update the media database so that the appropriate tape moves from the Daily/Weekly/Monthly (whatever is appropriate) Media Set that it's currently in to the Offsite media location.  From here Backup exec will manage what tapes need to come from offsite. 

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Hi William,


Thanks  for your mail -I have this working now but - should I have to still use the buttons on the front to select I\O to eject the tape as even when I get the mail to say the unlock job has completed the draw will not open ?



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That appears to be normal.  It doesn't automatically eject the tray.  I've used the same library in a previous job with a different backup product and it didn't eject the tray either.


Bit of a pain I know. 

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Thanks William,


you have been very helpful

Kind regards