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How to Ghost a disk in a raid card?

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

I use Ghost 11.5.1 (WinPE) bootable disk to boot up but it cannot find the disk in the raid card that just setup raid 1 to mirror 2 disks at all. I search and read a lot from Symantec but I cannot find how to integrate the raid driver with Ghost bootup image. 

Anyone kwow the steps? Thanks a lot.

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You need to add the raid card drivers via Ghost Boot Wizard and create the boot package. Boot the machine using this boot package and check whether you are able to see the disks.


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Symantec Ghost supports all imaging operations for RAID disks using Ghost32 if the RAID disk complies with all of the following conditions:

■ The source or destination disk is a hardware RAID array disk.

■ The disk is accessible from the host operating system.

The pre-OS must be Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE).

RAID software-level drives are not supported. The ability to successfully back up other types of RAID-array configurations depends on the specific computer model, driver controller, hard drive, and RAID implementation.


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Keep in mind when you are looking for the raid drivers to add to the ghost boot wizard they need to be VISTA 32 bit.

  1. Open the Ghost Boot Wizard.
  2. Select Windows PE
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select the WinPE version that you would like to edit.
    Note: See the notes below for information on the different versions.
    Best Practice: Select the appropriate version that you would like to add drivers to, and click "Copy...". Give the new copyed Windows PE driver database a "Friendly Name". This is the name that you will use when selecting this driver package for use in a boot disk, or from the Ghost Console. Click OK.
    • If you are using the console, be sure to change the PreOS to the new copy. To do this, right click on your client machine in the console (inside the machine group where it resides), and click Properties. Click on the Client tab, and change the Virtual Partition PreOS drop-down menu to the copyed Windows PE package you created. You do not need to change any other settings, as the Network Settings when using Virtual Partition only applies to PCDOS and PCDOS drivers.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Depending on the type of driver that you would like to add, go to the "Network Drivers" or the "Storage Drivers" section.
  7. Look through the list to see if the driver you need is already supplied.
    • If it is already supplied, check the box to include that driver.
      Note: If using the WinPE version, Symantec suggests that any drivers that are not needed be disabled so that the space requirement is not exceeded.
    • If the driver you need is not included:
      1. Click Add New Driver
      2. Click Browse and navigate to the root location of the NIC or Storage driver that you would like to add.
      3. Create a "Friendly Name". This is the name that you will use when selecting the driver from Ghost.
      4. Check the Applicable Operating System. For Windows PE drivers, this should be VISTA only.
      5. Click OK.
      6. Check the box for the driver that you have just added.
      7. Click OK

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We really need support for PE 3 at least, but 4.0 would be better.  PE 2 is getting very long in the tooth.

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The problem with PE4 is that there are unlikely to be Win 8 drivers for much of the existing hardware out there. There is nothing stopping you creating a PE3 or PE4 boot environment yourself - you just have to learn how to add drivers manually rather than through Ghost Boot Wizard.

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Correct.  This is one of the reasons why I buy Ghost.  I have done command line builds of Win PE and it is not fun.  PE4 should support drivers from VISTA through Win 8.  This includes Windows Server 2012.  The converse is not always true though.  PE2 will not always support drivers designed for Windows 7, 8 or Server 2012.