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How to Handle Software Updates on Layered Apps..

Created: 02 Jun 2011 | 3 comments

Using SWV 6.1 on Win 7


I have layered software applictions that once activated and launched will retrieve an update for that software (new version, fixes, etc)  The standard updates/new version that all SW app go thru.

Can I go ahead and install the updates on the spot via the update dialog box when its presented??  Is it safe to assume they will be installed into the virtual C directory where the layers files reside and once deactivated will not be seen and be part of the layer?  Or do I need to delete the layer and download the new version and re-layer the updated version?

Sometimes like most SW apps, its not a complete new version and just an update not available as a new installation... So whats the best way to handle updates to software programs that are layered..


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berttie's picture

Updating is covered in the Users Guide (pdf) from page 58. An alternative method is detailed at Best Step Practices for Creating Application and Application Upgrade Packages, Part Two

I only bother updating layers for applications that create data during use, browsers, etc. For applications that remain unchanged during normal use, Flash player, Adobe Reader, Java, etc, it is much easier just to create a new layer of the latest version, IMHO.

Nirmal R's picture

In my opinion upgrade or patch layer is is better for the following reasons (and possibly more)

1. it preserves your application settings

2. just the difference can be captured and distributed as patch layer

3. resets will revert back to original version (which can happen if you apply thru' normal software update)

BTW, the best practice article referred to by berttie is applicable for streamable packages. If you are using streaming there is also a potential to enforce certain version on all or a defined set of users.

meggie_woodfield's picture

For those interested in topics on layer patching, there is now a video on creating layer patches posted on Connect here.