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How to image a thin client?

Created: 21 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Our company has Dell WYSE thin clients (Windows Embedded Standard 7), and I have one configured the way I would like.  I am able to successfully load the PXE image and obtain an IP, but when I try to run a basic Upload Image task, it fails after several seconds with a Return code of 1.

For the Upload Image settings, it is using:


Image Type: Disk Image

Max file size: 2 GB

Compression:  Balanced for size/speed.

These thin clients have an 8GB disk split into two partitions (C and E).  I am not sure what it preventing the image from being uploaded.

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Have you taken a look at the basic article :


Most of the times the Enhanced Write Filter causes issue on the thin Clients. Verify is thats the thing. In order to disable it you can use the following to disable as well as to enable :

ewfmgr c: -disable This will disable the Enhanced Write Filter on the C: volume

ewfmgr c: -enable This will enable the Enhanced Write Filter on the C: volume



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Deployment solution 6.9 (Build 6.9.517) provides samples jobs for Create and Distribute Disk Image for WES 7.

Install DS build 6.9.517 on your server then
1. Connect WES 7 thin client to DS server
2. Open Win 32 console and go to Samples->HP Thin clients->WES7 Sysprep Imaging
3. Schedule job "Create image with FBWF enabled" or "Create image with EWF enabled " on WES 7 thin client that you are using depending on filter state.