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how to import disk storage (distination backup) from different backup exec site

Created: 19 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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The problem we are having is that on site A we have backup exec 2012 and on site B we have same version(backup exec 2012) and having 2Mb connection WAN, but we want to backup the site A to site B, there's problem is if we run full backup directly from site A to site B it's impossible(it must be take long time) so we change the scenario, first we do the full backup site A to local disk(SAN) at site A and we bring the disk to site B hopefully we can attach the disk to backup exec at side B as disk storage and we just run the incremental backup servers at site A to side B, Sounds simple enough but we are having issues with it:

1.whether it is possible? to configure the disk from site A to backup exec site B

or is there any other solusion? Can someone please help me


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What you are trying to do is called seeding and this is not possible with BE

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thanks phk, do you have other solution with similar situation?


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If you have poor bandwidth between the 2 sites, you need to to use optimised duplication to move data from one site to the other.  You would need to have the dedup option (part of ESO) on both sites.  You then do backups on each site to their respective dedup folders.  After that, you use optimised duplication to duplicate the dedup'ed backup sets from one dedup folder to the other.  This way only the changed data blocks are transmitted across the link and you also have the option to throttle the bandwidth required.  Using this setup, you can seed the other dedup folder before doing any duplication.

If having dedup folders on both sites is too costly, then have it on one site and use client-side dedup to backup the other site.  This will not work as well as using optimised duplication because BE is sensitive to link quality and any dropped packets will cause your backup to fail.