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How to Increase Job rate in BE 11d & 12.5

Created: 01 Jan 2013 • Updated: 20 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi Team,

   We are using BE 11d & 12.5. I taking files from local drive using BE 11d. The job rate is only 500MB/Min. How to i increase my job rate.


Backup is taking from local drive only...



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How the tape devices are connected and model of tape drives? (FC/SAS/SCSI/USB)

How much throughput you are seeing if you use B2D folder created on local server as target (Just for test)?

If the server is able to process data at that speed only, then you would need to think about upgrading server hardware. As you are using older versions of BE you would not be able to use latest tape hardware. Upgrade BE to atleast 2010 R3 so that you can use latest tape drives and can get better backup speeds, if server resources and connectivity is not an issue.

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Hi there,

Check the TNs below which relate to performance in B2D and tape:

In addition, read pkh's article below. He wrote it based on an LTO4 drive, but the same goes for any other version of LTO:

Speed would also be based on what you are backing up. Large files stream faster than smaller files for instance.


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Ensure source is not heavily fragmented

For backup to Disk ensure the following :

- Destination where the B2D exists should not be heavily fragmented
- Increase the size of the bkf file it creates (you can check it in the properties of B2D)
- Destination where the B2D Exist you can enable write caching for that disk
- You can also test the backup by enabling bufferred read and bufferred writes or toggling between the two
(also present in properties of B2D)

For backup to Tape ensure the following :
- latest symantec driver is Installed
- Library or Tape Drive firmware updated
- When you go into the properties of the Drive set the correct settings
For calculating max block size you can refer
These settings will also have to be thoroughly tested. In case you are not certain check with the hardware vendor

Also refer :

This would be really helpful.

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If antivirus or any orther endpoint security application installed on system then disable it and check backup job rate.

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Hi All,

   Thanks for yor replies.

We are going to use LTO4 device with Dell PE 2950 server. Now it will increase the backup performance like speed.


- Vicky