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How to increase the number of search term fields in DA Case database?

Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 03 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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Can someone tell me how to increase the number of search terms on a Discovery Accelerator Case database? We are running DA 10

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Do you mean the number of boxes to enter search terms?  You can enter quite a keywords in each box.

Also, how many search term boxes are you looking to be able to have?  Could you elaborate on the use case?

Not sure if you have seen this or not:

Enterprise Vault 10 Discovery Accelerator Effective Searching.pdf (2 MBytes)

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Here is the exact request i have recieved maybe this helps clarify it. I am new to the product so you will have to bare with me. I believe the answer to your question is yes. See below.


Please increse the number of search term fields in the xxxxxx database from 4 to 40. This will only be temporary. I need to perform "not" searches on a list of 36 phone numbers in Blackberry data. I can't put multiple search phrases (from -phonenumber) in the same content field, the search will not work successfully. Each number needs to be entered in a separate content field.

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So that isn't going to work, you won't be able to increase the number of search term boxes.

I am not sure what he means about putting multiple search phrases in the From Search Term box not working correctly.

Seems like it would be easy enough to create a Target Group of those numbers

Target Groups

Target groups provide a way to collect a number of people under a group name. You can then use this name as a shorthand way of referring to the list of people. For example, you could create a target group called "Directors" and then add the names of all the company directors to the group. When you create a search, you can search for items that are sent to the target group Directors, instead of listing all their names individually. You can add a target to multiple target groups.

Setting up targets

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