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How to increase size of a VXFS in VCS solaris cluster

Created: 09 Nov 2012 • Updated: 04 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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Are these the steps:

1)Ask storage team to present LUN's

2)LUN's get presented

3)NOTE LUN's from top of format output

example: c7t50060161106023B8c43

4)run devfsadm on all THREE nodes

5)LABEL Luns using format utility(NO NEED TO PARTITION LUN's) 

example: format c7t50060161106023B8c43

6)Run vxdctl enable on all THREE nodes

7)Use vxdiskadm to initialize the LUN

disk to initialize: c7t50060161106023B8c43

8)Use vxdiskadm to add LUN to diskgroup

disk to add: c7t50060161106023B8c43

9)use vxresize to increase size of VxFS  (vxresize -F vxfs -g <vol group name>  <volume name> +Xg)

Questions: Will the disk name change after I do a vxdctl enable? Do I need to get VxVm disk names?

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Your steps are fine and can be performed on the active node.

About VxVM disk name: it all depends on your current disk naming scheme.

What does 'vxdisk list' show?

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Well currently vxdisk list shows disk names in CxTxDxSx format, not in c7t50060161106023B8c43 format

second question: one SG is online on one node and another SG is online on another node. I have to increase size of filesystems belonging to both SG's, do I need to go to each node and do this or can I do it from one node?

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c7t50060161106023B8c43 is cXtXdXsX format (you're just missing the dXsX parts)

The resize needs to be done on the node which has the filesystem mounted.

Basically in your procedure:

Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 need to be done on all 3 nodes.

Steps 5, 7 only need to be done once, can be done on any node.

Step 8, 9 need to be done on the system where the diskgroup and filesystem are online.

So if SG1 is running on node1, you run steps 8, 9 on node1. If SG2 is running on node2, you need to run steps 8, 9 on node2, they can't be done from node1.

Hope that helps.

Also: moved this to the Storage Foundation forum rather than the Storage and Clustering Documentation forum.

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