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How to install SEP on client in a LDAP OU?

Created: 10 Dec 2012 • Updated: 11 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

We have imported some OU groups from LDAP. The clients in OU have been imported into SEPM, and all of them are offline. How can we deploy SEP installation package to existing selected client in an OU (not at the same time) ?

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Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP Symantec Employee Accredited

AD Integration with SEPM only helps to retain your AD structure so that you can apply policies accordingly.OU import has nothing to do with deployment.

However once you have imported OU's and deploy SEP using Group Policy Software Deployment..all the client will go to their respective containers in SEPM. 

Find Unmanaged Computers--You can scan a whole range of IP address..which will find your need to specify any name leave that blank..You can deploy as many clients you want.

Migration and Deployment wiz--Click ok Domain click Add--Supply Domain admin credentials--s,-Skip the offline client it will add all your machines ( except the ones which cannot be contacted ) then you can start the deployment on all of them at once.

How to install clients using "Client Deployment Wizard" in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1

Overview of Push Deployment Wizard in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1


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once you have the information about the clients , use the client deployment wizard.More information is in implementation guide.

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Dear support

Thank you for your quick response. May I know if any logs or view or report can give me a list of all server names in these OU?

I found that no any log/report related to these server names in OU , even I have imported them into SEPM.

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Create a Computer Status Report

  1. Choose Monitors from the left hand panel, and click on the Logs tab.
  2. For Log Type, choose Computer Status.
  3. Choose the appropriate time range, then choose View Log

Follow this article

How to export virus definition and client information in an excel format?

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This will export the file in .txt or .csv format in the location specified

How to print out all SEP client

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this will not be listed since the clients are not yet installed with SEP. once you install SEP the client will start reporting its status to SEPM.

you can use feature to find unmanaged detector,

What does it mean to set a client as an Unmanaged Detector?

Find Unmanaged Clients on a remote network location using the Unmanaged Detector

Setting notifications when using the "Unmanaged Detector" feature in the SEPM

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