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How to install Symantec Endpoint Potection on a client "manually"

Created: 05 Sep 2012 • Updated: 06 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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I have a PC that was just replaced, and need to install the SEP client on it ASAP.  I am relatively new to this product, and am wondering if I can just run a basic client installer on the new PC (Windows 7, 64 bit).  Everything I read about the Client Install discusses creating a package.  I also see on my server that there are 2 setup.exe, one in a folder called Symantec\<Client Abbreviation>_64-bit\ and another, Symantec\<Client Abbreviation>_32-bit\.  I took a look in SEPM and I do not see anything about the install packages being either of these files, and there are no Install Packages assigned to any of the PC's (clients) (I am looking in Clients > <select foldername> > Install Packages tab). The person that did the initial installs is now gone from the company, and he had all the info...  I apologize for being vague, but hoping the answer is easy... :)



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The version is 11.0.5002.333.  Will the article above work for this version as well?

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I checked that link, its exactly what I need...  On a sde note, i think the folders I mentioned in the original post arethe same files referenced...  :)



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Ashish Sharma

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In the Symantec Endpoint Protection
Manager Console, on the Admin tab, under Tasks, click Install Packages.

The current default client
installation packages appear on the right.

Under View Install Packages, click
Client Install Packages.

Under Tasks, click Export client
install package.

Browse to or create a preferred export
folder, and select it.

Select whether or not you want to
create a single ".exe" file.

Select Installation Settings and

Select Custom Install Settings from
the settings drop down.

Select Custom feature set from the
features drop down.

Select the group to which the client
will be installed. If no group has been created, select the Default group.(Or
you can make the client as unmanaged)

Select the Preferred Mode. The default
is Computer mode.

Click OK.

The new install package is created in
the location that you specified.

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma