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How to link Backup Jobs using different Selection lists?

Created: 24 May 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments
Could be quite an easy one but it doesn't seem so straight forward.
I want to create a Backup policy that runs one backup job and when it competes it runs the second backup job which backs up files from a different selection list.
What I have done is.
1.) Create 2 Selection lists SelectionA and SelectionB pointing to different resources to be backed up
2.) Created a new Backup Policy
3.) Added in 2 Templates to the Policy. Both identical other than the second one is set to run a pre-post command and the schedule is set to use a rule only
4.) Created a Template rule that runs TemplateA and then TemplateB after it completes.
5.) Selected the 2 Selection lists that I want and clicked o.k
It creates 4 jobs using the 2 selection lists!
All I want is 2 jobs.
Job1 with Template1 using Selection list1 runs first then Job2 with Template2 using Selection list2 should kick off after job 1 has completed .
What am I doing wrong?

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Ken Putnam's picture
Not sure what you are doing wrong, but as a workaround, create  a CMD file containing BEMCMD  with the -01 option to release  the second job
Do a BEMCMD /? > BEMCMD.TXT to get a listing of all the switches and their usages

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Hi Axman,

I suppose you use policy for these jobs. And you have 2 templates in this policy. But you also have 2 different selection lists. The bad thing with the policy is that it creates a different job for each template and for each selection list. One policy per selection list. That's why you see 4 jobs.
Why you do not try something else?
Create a job with selection A starting at 10:00PM for example.
And then create another job with selection B starting 11:00PM with a time window of 24hours.
This way you will have 2 jobs, starting first the selection A and the the selection B.
Hope that this helps.


Nikos Apostolou Systems Engineer