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How to localize the Respond Link Name

Created: 22 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Does anyone know how to localize the Respond Link Name and the Dialog Models names in the Dialog Workflow Component?


Change "Respond" to "Réponse","Respuesta"... based on the browser user language.



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When the task gets created, it'll use whatever is typed there in the component. So if you change it right there at design time, it'll be whatever you specify in the portal.

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Thanks for your reply.

The purpose is not this one. When you visualize the task in the Process view page, any process view page, you see the name you entered even if you changed it defining the task (task name). You can localize labels in webforms using the strings table in the smp but is ther  a way to localize the Respond link name?

Here, how to change "Reasign ticket", "Set Ownership", "Work Incident" to spanish when the Browser is in spanish and Italian when the Browser is in Italian and so on ?




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Those task/subtask names come from the workflow components in Incident Management it appears. It's an identical situation to the Respond link above: whatever you type in the component is what gets shown.

It's basically just a database read from the TaskResponse table to get the "link text" and has no associated resources/resource files like the other text on pages.

If this is 7.5 and the flow is locked down where you can't modify this text... one option is to add a database trigger to the TaskResponse table that "transforms" the text on insert. Basically it would convert "Respond" to "responde"

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I know how things are stored in the database and also know that strings are stored in the SMP Symantec_CMDB (by default) database so that the form builder component can be localized.

The trigger will change to one language but will not allow to have this displayed in the current user language by different users at the same time (one in Spanish and another one in French).

I feel that the Webpart that is displaying the task created in the Dialog WOrkflow Component may have some options to localize it.


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SD uses the localization functionality of Designer to generate strings to store off in the SMP and later grabs them at design time. You use values in the component like [String].MyString to get it localized.

The problem with this is that the Response Link is pure text and can't be hooked up to a variable.