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how to login without being a system admin?

Created: 28 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments

The following questions refer to a windows master server and windows clients.

Is there a way to log into the NBU mgt/admin console as a regular user, not the system administrator?

How about on the client side for USER directed backups and restores? Do you need to be a sys admin on the client box in order to do this or will a standard install of the client allow anyone who uses the box to be able to perform backups/restores

I do not want to use the advanced features of netbackup to limit access to certain functions etc. I just want basic access from anyone who uses the machine to be able to do a backup/restore.

I also want to be able to have my operators have access to perform operations without having to give domain admin passwords etc.

Thanks for the help.

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You need to be an admin to access the NBU master or Media server unless you configure some other type of authentication \ authorization (VxSS)

However as a NBU Admin you can allow your users to perform backups and restores of their local data from clients. Check out "User backups" in the NBU Admin guide.

Hope that helps

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You can create a group "Backup Operators" and permit that this group have access to NetBackup.

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After version 4.5, you can specify authorization for specific users, having full control of NBU without :
- admin right on the master
- their machine do be defined as a server console on master configuration
- being physicaly connected to the master

AUTHENTICATION makes all your machines share crypted names for all the servers known. This allow recognition of AUTHENTICATE machine without being known as a SERVER in bp.conf (UNIX) or registry on the master server.
AUTHORIZATION allows you to specify which user can connect from which machine, subnet, localhost, and therefore have the right of administrating your master server configuration.

If you are under NBU 5.1, you can use VXSS module in order to specify the AUTHENTICATION and AUTHORIZATION processes to b emenaged by a broker server, and then, you would be allowed to specify operator groups with specific rights on : backup, media management, jobs, reports .....

For VXSS, see specific doc.
For AUTHENTICATION, see command bpauthsync that will use template files from /usr/openv/var/auth/ files.
For AUTHORIZATION, just do it from Master Server Host Properties or do it by editing the /usr/openv/var/authorize.txt file.