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How long does an archive pass take?

Created: 27 Aug 2012 • Updated: 08 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Is there an easy way or some type of report that will tell me how long a full archive pass against all of my mailbox takes?  We're looking to implement Expiry and are trying to plan the Expiry schedule to determine how long we can run Expiry each night without causing mailbox archiving from falling behind.

Also, the EV9 Performance guide says you can plan on Expiry to process 100,000 items per hour on a four way server.  Is that 100,000 per Vault Store, per EV server, or per site?  We are running 64 core servers (not 64 bit, but 64 CPU cores) so can we plan for more than 100,000 items per hour?  If so, by what factor?  Twice as much?  Ten times as much?

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The only 'true' way will be with the archiving report for Exchange, due to come in the 10.0.2 release :(  In the meantime about the only way I can think of to guestimate the speed is to setup perfmon and wait for archivetask.exe CPU to fall to zero, after the start of your archiving window.

I'm not sure on the performance of expiry.