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How long will it take for vmphyinv command to run

Created: 21 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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How long will it take for vmphyinv command to run

D:\Program Files\Veritas\Volmgr\bin>vmphyinv -rn 6 -slot_list 21 -d hcart2
Waiting for mount of media ID 000021 on host

I have run the above command bur it not showing any output .. above is what i can see on command line after running the above command.

I am trying to import backup exec tape in netbackup 7.5... kindly provide solution

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Are you using a standalone tape drive? If so you may need to satisfy the mount request via device monitor

Does a job show up in activity monitor for this  - if so what is the state detail of the job?

If it is waiting for the tape then usually either all of the drives are busy or a mount request is pending

Do also make sure that the density of the tape is the same as the drives (HCART2 etc.) so that it can actually find a drive to go into

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hi mark

we are  not using  stand alone tape drive

Issue is i had used a backup tape 000021 yesterday for backup in netbackup 7.5. As backup was successfully removed the tape 000021 from the library

and inserted the backup exec in the same slot where 000021  was placed so library requested the 000021 for mounting when i ran above command .

so it was not giving any output and job was running in activity monitor without failing for long time

troubleshooting step did

canceled the job from activity monitor and changed the slot of the tape in library and ran the same command it went succesfull.

Thanks a lot for ur support...

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If I understand right, vmphyinv read media header of tapes that have been formatted by NetBackup and update volume configuration by its contents.

To import BE tapes, just add BE tape with new media ID. You should not treat it with existing media ID like 000021. This may lead to data loss. Please follow the guideline below.

  • If barcode is labeled on BE tape and barcode ID does not duplicate with any other tapes, just run robot inventory as normal. Then import BE tapes.
  • If barcode is labeled and its ID is duplicated with others, replace the label with new one. Then run robot inventory.
  • If BE tape has no label, move 000021 to non-robotic(uncheck 'volume is in a robotic library'), then manually add BE tape with unique media ID and slot number in which BE tape is placed.

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