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How to make a more compact Disaster recovery job?

Created: 14 Aug 2013 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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When I follow the step by step guide :

I end up with a backup of my complete C drive that will be used as input for the creation of Disaster recovery Disc.

However my C drive is now about 164 GB (and will get even bigger in the near future). If I will backup this data on DVD's this will be a very big set of DVD's

I tried to deselected some folders from the default set, but immediately the "green light/notification" on the top is off, signaling that is will not be a disaster recovery anymore.

I cant imagine that all data must be in the joblog in order to create a backup set for disaster recovery?

Does anybody have some directions how to make a Disaster recovery set that will fit on a limited set of DVD's (like max 5?)

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SDR DVD is not to store the data., its just to boot in a disaster recovery environment

You can store you data on a tape drive/disk drive

So in case of a disaster

You can boot from the DVD

Connect to the Media server  (local /remote)

It will detect the storage and you can restore like that.

The SDR feature will not work if the green light is off!

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If you check the HCL below, you will find that DVD's is not supported as a backup medium.

BE 2012 HCL

You need to backup your C: driv onto some supported media, like tape or disk.  For potability, you can use a USB disk.  During recovery, you plug in the USB disk to the target machine, boot up from the SDR disk and then restore from the USB disk.

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Ok, I understand proces of making Disaster recovery media, but is it true that this media must contain the complete C drive? I have the experience/feeling that you cant turn of (for recovery) unimportant folders because immediatly the backup is not recognized as disaster recovery anymore?

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Yes.  Your backup set must contain the entire C: drive, including the system state.  If your backup set is valid for SDR recovery, then in the backup selection screen, the SDR light will be on.