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How to manage backup to disk volumes and pools

Created: 10 Mar 2014 • Updated: 11 Mar 2014 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We moved our backups to BE2012 recently and it runs more or less smooth.

I am not happy with the way the storage is working right now. Maybe that is cause we didn't configure it from a BE2012 point off view. Therefore this question.

I have a NAS with 16 2TB volumes on it. these Volumes have been presented to BE2012 and are mounted under the same folder. (volumes are RAID-5)

All these disk's are dedicated and only used by BE2012.

Next thing we did was make 4 disk pools each with 4 disks.

The settings for the disk have been set to:

  • Max file size: 50GB
  • low disk space: 5%
  • low disk space - Warning 3%
  • low disk space - Criticial 1%
  • Concurrent write sessions: 1

Still the server tends to write all data to the same disks. Every storagepool has one disk that is filled to the limit and 3 disk that are between 10% and 50% used.

How can I resolve this issue?

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Colin Weaver's picture

BE 2012 does not load balance B2D pools properly and in fact will use the alphabetically first one, before any others (depending on if it is full and what your concurrent write settiings for each B2D are compared with your job schedules.) As such currently you are better off manually balancing jobs to different disk storage devices by assigning the jobs directly to the devcie and not using a pool.

BE 2014 (pending release, currently in beta testing) should have enhancements in this area.

pkh's picture

BE 2012 will always use the first available disk in the device pool. If you want to use a particular disk you would have to target it specifically or offline the rest of the disks in the device pool

Cedric S's picture

Thank you for the reply guys!

I will get to it and manualy loadbalance the disks. I'm looking forward to the BE2014 release!