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How many licenses do I need to buy

Created: 07 Oct 2013 | 6 comments

Good day,

we are planning to have on each site:

- 14 servers with 2 CPU 8 CORE

- 6 of them will be used for VMware ESX host

- 2 of them will be used as Oracle RAC

- 1 Linux Server

- 1 Backup Server

- remaining 4 in case of failure

- 2 media tapes with 2 drives in each i.e total 4 drives will be used

we have very critical application on Lotus Domino - 2 items and very huge File Server, both of them on Windows.

after search/consultation want to double check if we are on correct way, actually i am confused.

we want to use V-Ray. 

according to above provided info how many and what type of licenses do i need to buy?

Thank you very much

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There are various ways to licence this configuration.  It is best you get a reseller to pay you a visit to discuss and recommend the necessary licences.  Otherwise, check with Symantec Licencing department.

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yes, of course, and their responses are different and their aims are different :-) 

i just wanted to see what and how many it will with backup exec 2012 V-Ray option.

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...if you give them clear indications on what you want to use (V-RAY in this case) along with hardware specs so that they can license accordingly, you should get the same answer from anyone you speak to in the licensing department.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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If I say you need x number of V-Ray licences, would my answer be any better than what you get from Symantec Licencing department which is the final authority on licencing matters?

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My suggestion would be:

1 - VMware License

2 - Oracle License

1 - Agent for Linux License (RALUS)

1 - Backup Exec core License

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You need to read up on licensing around V-Ray & BE for that matter. Read below:

What you're informing the OP to buy (ie. Oracle license, media server etc) i already covered in the V-Ray license, so you'd have the OP double-up on some of the licenses.

Also, V-Ray is purchased on a per-socket basis. Simply buying the VMware agent (which is also licensed per having 1 VMware license won't cut it!) doesn't help the OP.

For further, future reference, grab a copy of the BE 2012 licensing guide above. There is a specific reason why most posts around licensing end with a suggestion that the OP ALWAYS contact Symantec licensing as they have the final say around whether or not it is correct! 


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: