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HOW TO MIGRATE SYMANTEC with diffrent server

Created: 25 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

Hi all,

need your help.

i have a +/- 1000 active user in my company using SEP 11.0.6200, all user connected in one SEPM main server in HO using SEPM 11.0.6200.

now I have a new server using SEPM 12.2015.and i have a plan to migrate all user in old server to new server...the problem is our user locate is in diffrent Province....

ussualy we replace manualy the sylink.xml in every user.

my question......can i migrate the SEPM 11.6200 user into the new server 12.2015 with a single command ?

Thank's for a help

Rae Sinekti

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12.1.2 has new a feature which allows you to deploy the sylink file from SEPM to clients. Check this KB article for the steps to do just that:

Restoring client-server communications with Communication Update Package Deployment

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Hi,  Rae.

You can tray the following scenario :

1. Export communication parameters from new SEPM server and place this file on network share

2. Create batch file which does the following on the client computer :

- change current directory to Symantec Endpoint Protection client

- stopped Symantec management client ( smc -stop)

- removes files SyLink.xml, SyLink.bak and SyLinkEx.bak

- copy new sylink file from neywork share

- started Symantec management client (smc -start)

- repeat previous three step, because in first time symantec client make change in the new sylink.* files

3. This batch file must execute once on the client computer with start operation system

4. After the main bulk of client connect to new SEPM server you can update SEP client with installed packages