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How to Modify the Puredisk agent Configuration for large backups?

Created: 21 Aug 2013 • Updated: 21 Aug 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi guys

We are backing up 100 approx clients, and many of them are Linux Clients , so due to large backups size we want to modify the pure disk agent for linux configuration, as we have space problem on most of the linux clients, 

We are using PureDisk 

So kindly help me and give me the command to modify the pdagent configuration as large backups are there.

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Editing a PureDisk agent configuration file to accommodate large backups
During a backup, the agent gathers a list of the files to be backed up. On Linux
and UNIX clients, the agent writes these lists to the following directories:
■ /opt/pdag/var
■ /opt/pdag/tmp
On Windows clients, the agent writes these lists to the following directory:
C:\PROGRA~1\Symantec\NetBackup PureDisk Agent\var.
During very large backups, these lists can grow beyond the space that you allocated
to the / partition, which is typically kept relatively small. If you expect this space
problem might happen on a client, use the following procedure to modify the
agent configuration file on that system.
Note: Repeat this procedure each time you update the agent configuration files
through the administrative Web UI. The repetition is necessary because updates
through the administrative Web UI overwrite all agent configuration files.
To modify the agent configuration to accommodate large backups
1.Type the following command to stop the agent service:
# /opt/pdag/bin/pdagent --stop
2. Open the agent configuration file in a text editor.
For example:
# vi /etc/puredisk/agent.cfg
3. In the [paths] section, type new paths for the following parameters:
The new paths must be full paths, not relative paths. They must refer to a
partition large enough for the backups.
4. Save and close the file.
5. Type the following command to start the agent service:
# /opt/pdag/bin/pdagent
Taken from PD Admin guide page 392
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thanks i have edited one linux client and successfully modified it.

thanks for reference also .