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How to move BE Server to other hard drive

Created: 31 Jan 2013 | 9 comments
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Dear all.

In our configuration Backup Exec 2012 Server (OS - Windows 2008 r2 sp1) boots from the SAN storage LUN.

Yesterday we installed a local hard drive to this server and i need to move whole system to it.

Possibility to use software of offline backup like Norton Ghost or Acronis is not usable, because it will not see SAN disk.

It there best praictes to move media server? 

Like to stop all BE services and use Windows Server Backup?

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I take it that your local harddisk is going to be your new C: drive.  If so, do a good backup and use SDR to restore to this local harddisk.  It would be like a server recovery.

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Do you mean to use Symantec Disaster Recovery of server itself?

How good  Symantec Database will backuped and restored?

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Yes.  The BEDB will be backed up and restored because you have to select the entire C: drive for SDR to work.

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Just for example.

I made a backup of my server. Success result of backup job wrote to my BEDB.

But when I'll restore this information will absent in restored BEDB (because write operation will happen after job finishes).

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Just do this

1) stop all the BE services and the BE SQL instance

2) copy the Data directory under the BE installation directory to a thumbdrive

3) do your server recovery.

4) stop all the BE services and the BE SQL instance

5) replace the existing Data directory with the copy in the thumbdrive

6) start all the BE services and the BE SQL instance

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Ok, thanks, i'll try it.It seems to me this will work :)

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Can I use Windows Server Backup for backup and restore system?

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Backup and restore what part of the server? System State? Program Files? BE will do that anyway...


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Aga, but when I try to restore with SDR I don't see local hard drive..